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With the advancement of technology, more and more high-parameter chaotic working conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, deep cooling, high vacuum, strong corrosion, radioactivity, flammability and explosion, are produced in industry. Th... Read More

Besides some general purpose valves can be used in some coal chemical conditions, which valves are special valves for coal chemical industry? Hard metal seal wear-resistant ball valves, including: bucket valve, slag lock valve, ash lock valve, vent v... Read More

1.Gate valve When the fluid flows through the gate valve, the flow direction does not change. When the gate valve is fully open, the resistance coefficient is almost the smallest of all valves, and the applicable diameter range, pressure and temperat... Read More

In fluid pipeline system, as a control element, the valve is mainly used to isolate equipment and pipeline system, regulate flow, prevent backflow, regulate and discharge pressure. Therefore, in the specific production process, how to select the appr... Read More

Nowadays, society has entered a society of integrity, and enterprise credit is becoming an important indicator to assess the healthy development of an enterprise. If the enterprise credit scores are lost, even short-term rapid development can not sto... Read More

ED1100 epoxy primer is a corrosion-proof paint with excellent adhesion, which is especially suitable for the application of valve cutting surface. It can ensure excellent adhesion. The coating film is firmly bonded with the base material and has a st... Read More

Globe valve, also known as shutoff valve, belongs to forced sealing valve and is one of the truncation valves. There are three types of connections: flange connection, threaded connection and welded connection. "Three-way feed" of valves in China onc... Read More

Under normal circumstances, industrial valves in use do not do strength test, but after repair or corrosion damage of the valve body and cover of the valve body and cover should do strength test. For safety valves, the setting pressure, return pressu... Read More

Classification by function and use: (1) stop valve: stop valve is also known as closed valve, its role is to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. Cut-off valves include gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves a... Read More

Yuangao Valves Group(FHV), a sophisticated and professional valve manufacturer, is gaining continuous success in both domestic and overseas markets. Now their own brand “FHV” has already captured a share of the market in the Middle East, South Americ... Read More

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