Gas & Liquid Transmission Lines Gas & Liquid Transmission Lines

Pipeline valves are designed and manufactured in accordance to API6D & ISO14313 and may be used on transmission lines designed to ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8 or equivalent standards.
Yuangao produces multiple lines of through conduit isolation valves that minimize flow pressure drop, including full opening non-return valves such as trunnion mounted ball, through conduit gate, and full opening swing check valves.
Yuangao isolation valves may be configured for different isolation features including double block & bleed and/or double isolation & bleed.
Elastomeric & thermoplastic (soft) seating are normally applied on clean services or dormant buried valves, while metal to metal seated configurations may be offered for critical isolations like scraper launching& receiving facilities, crude oil, and erosive/dirty services.
Yuangao valves may be actuated with pneumatic, direct gas, gas over oil or electro hydraulic units able to provide line break function when specified.


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