Onshore Exploration & Production Onshore Exploration & Production

Yuangao API-6A valves & wellhead equipment are used extensively in the  Oil & Gas upstream market segment.
Oil & Gas wells are characterized by high pressure that may reach 20Kpsi, increasing levels of H2S and CO2 that combine with high temperature and sand particles create challenging service requirements.
Shale gas exploration with fracturing and enhanced oil recovery techniques with extensive use of chemicals &water injection increase corrosion & erosion phenomena that need to be controlled by our equipment.
Yuangao approaches increasing severity of service conditions with a continuous improvement of product performance, thanks to more sophisticated design methodology, accurate material selection (metallurgy & polymeric seals), state of the art cladding, and hard-facing technology.
Our equipment may be installed in severe ambient conditions like desertic areas, arctic climates, like desertic areas, arctic climates, etc.
After flow lines, a complete range of class rated valves is available for gathering, separation, as well as processes for conditioning treatment of hydrocarbon fluids.


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