Nine steps of ball valve maintenance

Maintenance of the ball valve through the following steps will extend the service life of the ball valve, avoid frequent maintenance, save money, save time and make flow control operation smoother.So what steps are needed?

1. Remove ball valve manually:

2. Prepare all tools used during maintenance:

Prepare each tool you need in advance, which saves time.

3. Loosen the inlet and outlet pressure of the valve:

4. Protect valve spare parts by sealing:

Leaks can occur if the seal is not properly sealed.Sealing these components prevents any accidental damage during maintenance and protects maintenance personnel.

5. Gradually unscrew the bolts in a uniform and symmetrical manner during the removal process:

This will ensure that the parts you bolt together will not be damaged.Make sure that the holes and bolts do not loosen and can still be assembled together during reassembly.Tighten the bolts evenly in the same way during reassembly.

6. Apply appropriate cleaner to different parts of the valve:

Valve parts made of plastic, rubber and metal should be cleaned with a specific detergent.Appropriate cleaning agents should be used to prevent the cleaning agents from reacting with the parts.This prevents any damage caused by corrosion.Gas-based cleaning sprays are ideal for metal parts that operate in a gas medium.Alcohol or water or a mixture of both can be used to clean non-metallic parts.There are also detergents specially formulated for valve parts.

7. Clean valve parts that cannot be removed from the valve itself:

These parts can also be metal or non-metal.Remove accumulated dust, oil, grease and other residues.Certain parts should be cleaned with special detergents, especially wire detergents, to prevent any residues from depositing in the spare parts.

8. After cleaning, remove the parts from the detergent:

Do not immerse or expose spare parts of valves to cleaning agents for long periods.This may also cause certain reactions and damage such as deformation and cracking, especially on non-metallic parts.

9. When placing them back in place, apply lubricant to the valve and its spare parts:

In addition to shining the valve and its metal parts, the use of appropriate lubricants when reusing the valve also helps to improve the efficiency of the valve.

In summary, following this maintenance guide correctly will make it easier to clean the ball valve and its spare parts, while eliminating frequent maintenance and thus extending the life of the valve.

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